Why people can’t manage their emotions with food.

Why this riddle-like statement? How would this help you overcome emotional eating and cravings?

Simple, the practical part of it is that you should not focus so much on trying the emotions to get out. Instead, focus on knowing them, being aware of what they are, to what they’re directed to…

Emotions constantly change.

Every emotion changes, our emotions are in constant fluctuation, but your excessive control over them does not allow you to see that. Once you get a trigger that makes you want to crave food, you’re become unconscious, following habitual reactions, and worried because you don’t want the emotions that cause you emotional eating. If you saw how every emotion changes, it would not matter to you so much that you’re feeling however you’re feeling.

Memories are the cause of emotional eating.

Once a trigger appears, our minds go to the memories of whatever bothers us, and since the mind doesn’t difference real from imagination at the emotional level, it seems as if it’s happening now. The problem is that we have left the awareness of the moment and our surroundings, in the present moment, there are no reactions because there’s no past. Can you see an image of your past problems now where you stand? No, it’s a product of the imagination, but you’re allowing it to control your life by caring about it.

The solution to uncomfortable emotions and cravings.

In every moment, in every reaction, however you consciously act, will change the upcoming reactions. If you feel scared and you choose to not care about it, next time you will not care about the same thing that got you scared.

You must not care so much about changing your emotions because that is automatic, care more about knowing them, so you can see them changing, and that takes the power away from them.

A little exercise for emotions and food cravings.

Write whenever you feel bad, why you feel bad, towards what, and what you’re thinking, do it also for emotional eating cravings. that will allow things to change while you can perceive it.

And whenever you have a craving besides that, be in the moment, be aware of what is around you. Doesn’t matter if the emotions go away, the only thing that matters is that you do this until it becomes a habit, once you’re in the moment and forget everything it will free you from those emotional reactions. From your senses there is no way to activate those emotions, they don’t exist out there in the world, they are in your imagination.


Emotions only stay because you want them to go away. Let go and let time work them out.

Let me know what do you think in the comments below, and let me know how well this works out for you!

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