Why are you addicted to food and what to do about it.

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Are you trying to lose weight but urges keep holding you back? If you feel you can’t advance, it means that you’ve lost control over your own mind. The development of impulses or urges is what you need to understand. After you know this then you can stop them, thus move toward a better direction.

How food impulses develop.

All behaviors and impulses we have come from our emotions. whatever emotions we have determines what we do in life. If you feel addicted to food is because you once decided to lose weight, but you did it for negative reasons. Negative reasons that cause you negative emotions, like you didn’t like your body, you felt you were eating a lot… In other words, something made you unhappy with your body, but it left you disempowered. Thus the wrong motives and the disempowering event caused you to struggle with your weight.

Those negative emotions then caused you to resist food. to deprive yourself of eating, and to be more aware of your circumstances at that moment that you didn’t like.

There are 2 ways you can go about things. one is striving, which comes from a positive place, and you’re empowered and focused on the goal. And the other is resisting. Which comes from a negative place and makes most of your focus to be on the things you don’t want, and it often leaves you feeling defeated and depressed.

You may have heard the phrase where focus goes energy flows. Energy, in this case, refers to emotions. Where your focus is, that’s what you’ll feel, and what you feel is where you’re heading. This is the source of how you experience weight loss.

The brain associates the feeling you have toward a goal to all the activities related to it. Whatever you feel when you think about your goal, that’s how you will experience the activities related to it. That can be, feeling pulled and excited to do them or struggling and having a hard time doing them or while you do them.

Our perception and unconscious decisions are controlled by our thoughts, which are controlled by where our focus is most of the time. If you’re focused on the fact that you feel overweight all the time, the negative feelings you will make you disempowered. You will become afraid and tense around food, and that will make you notice the food you’re trying to avoid, even more, causing you worst cravings. Then you end up with the mind saturated with food thoughts. And because of your fear, you’ll feel anxious and push them away, which causes them to come back even stronger. In little time the mental images will be alone in your mind and will become very compelling.

And because thoughts control behavior, by only having thoughts about eating, you can only eat. You have to lose your free will.
That combination between feeling negative about how you are, and deprivation by sheer brute force, cause food to make you freak out. The feelings of resistance about where we are now, come from the beliefs we developed in the past. Our beliefs form our subconscious self-image. You may believe that you are not good enough, that eating healthy is difficult, that you cannot stop eating unhealthy. those emotions create the resistance that causes all the problems in the first place.

The fact is that those beliefs become self-fulfilling prophecies. They control how things make us feel, for example, if somebody offers you a cake when you don’t like your body, how does that make you feel? tense, scared…? so you believe it to be difficult to control yourself, wouldn’t it be different if you felt at ease? feeling at ease makes things easy no matter what they are. feeling tense makes them difficult no matter what they are. Those emotions come automatically based upon our beliefs about things. Because you don’t like your body, and you don’t believe you can change it because of your past, that tension goes into everything.

Whatever you feel about food, losing weight, binge eating, discipline, willpower will be how you react and how the experience will be for you.

What can you do about it?

The way to overcome our emotions so that they don’t control our self-image and beliefs is to withdraw our attention toward health and the reasons why we want to lose weight.

The more specific and personalized to you the descriptions are the more emotions you will experience. Then by having defined that, your mind will influence your impulses and weaken those cravings, to direct you to that.

When you’re defining what you want you must focus on emotional details, what you really like personally. And the personal benefits losing weight and getting the body you want will give you. Everything you want is because of the benefit that it will give you and the benefit at the is an emotion.

Will it allow you to put on good clothes? will it help you enjoy sports, you love it? will it help you find love or make your partner appreciate you more? how will that make you feel? accomplished? freedom? loved? appreciated?

When you feel very good while thinking about it means you’ve done it right, if not get more specific and detailed. Related to things you like.

What to do when you feel negative about your ability to lose weight?

Whenever you feel one of the emotions that hold you back from your goals, acknowledge them, accept them and move on. Drop the concern by doing something opposite to it, or giving up trying to feel another way, or do what you now can’t. For example, if you feel powerless to lose weight, instead of wanting to feel empowered, forget about it, do something else. When your whole focus is on something else, your perspectives on that thing will reset when you come back. In only one time, when you remember the topic later, you’ll feel completely different about it. it will no longer affect your emotions and you will evaluate it in a way that supports you.

Your body will react to things the same way you did last time. When you react, the mind plays the past, but records the present, over the past. That’s when you reframe the evaluation to positive that gets recorded over the past. Then later that reaction will be the default. When you do it, in only one time your emotions will change, you will not feel tension next time a food trigger appears. Then your life will have changed, and your addiction will brake.

The only reason cravings perpetuate themselves, is because we accept the issue as part of ourselves, that causes us to feel in the same negative way over and over again, when reacting, if we step out of the same evaluations we start to create a new version of ourselves on that same circumstance for the next time it happens.

Should you use willpower to control your cravings?

The last resource you must use is to fight your food cravings face to face. Always attack your impulses when they’re not present. That’s your opportunity to create new thinking patterns the way I described before. And be aware of the emotions that block you, acknowledge them, accept them, and let them go.

When you feel negative emotions as it relates to your goal, is because you have a mental chatter or images about what happens. You stop it by witnessing it. The difference between witnessing them and not is that when you are not witnessing, you live in them, and off from your senses. They get in control of your emotions, and you live in the memories associated with those beliefs. And when you witness them, you are present in the moment, which excludes your past from the picture. It the moment none the associations are not present, thus you have the power to let go, a choice.

There are 2 types of thoughts. The first one is unconscious or automatic, those come from your brain processing the world and the situation, based on what is important for you, what you focus on. And the second ones are conscious, that comes from you adding fire to the situation. The conscious ones cause all the emotional tension. Witnessing your thought ceases to add of adding fuel to the fire by relaxing your conscious mind.

Setting goals or intentions, and thinking about what you want and why also help you weaken your impulses without directly confronting them. The key is putting specifics, personal to you and doing it with engaged. Do it when you’re feeling better and relaxed, and when you woke up or you’re right about to go to sleep.

Each time you do that your cravings will reduce their power over you. You’ll be more in control of yourself and wanting more to make healthy choices. Your impulses will compel you to do so, and you will not be weakening your self-esteem like you would do if you confronted your cravings face to face.

Let me know what do you think in the comments below, and let me know how well this works out for you!

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