The best way of changing eating habits to overcome obesity

Are you trying to drop weight, but keep falling off the wagon? Do you imagine that if you only didn’t get those impulses that you would have a super body?

If you are, you’re in the right place for kicking those emotions and getting the body you desire.

Why people fall off the wagon in their diet.

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The reason people fall off the wagon in a diet is that they feel discomfort. Because your unconscious mind is aware of the change that’s taking place on their diet. it’s similar to an alarm that wakes up impulses to put you back on where you’ve been before. 

Your unconscious mind stores your programming, your habitual ways of thinking. When you decide to change, your setting aside that programming, and start to perform new actions. But those changes are strong enough to touch your emotions, then you think with your programming. It also happens when you feel bad, it’s like there’s 2 engines where you work with, when you have no emotions, you work with the intentions you have. And when you’re emotional, then you work with the programs of the past.

Therefore, the key to avoiding this is to understand the language of the brain to motivate change. When you know this, you can increase the limits of your comfort zone. You can change much change you can make without triggering food urges. To do this the change in your diet must be a gradual not instant, according to where that limit is now. When you harmonize with that, you will have mastered your weight.

Connect back with your emotions, sensing the limit

Your emotions are the seat of all the habits, actions, and impulses. Throughout our lives, your emotions react to what you see, you respond to the things in front of you often. Through a set of psychological shortcuts, you navigate the world and learn your habits. Sometimes these shortcuts become disadvantages. one of them is social proof. this bias makes imitating the behaviors of others spend less energy and more pleasurable. You’re likely to repeat them. This is your way your body saves energy since an alternative takes more effort.

You must understand the language of the mind, to lose weight. Is emotions. And emotions are made of awareness or observation, and intention.


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The intention is our ability to set a goal or direct ourselves with conscious choice. This creates emotions then those emotions will guide our upcoming behaviors through our impulses.

Whenever you set an intention, you’re increasing the threshold of what you’re capable of dealing with. Intentions strengthen you. But there’re negative intentions also. These intentions are not in purpose. It’s because whatever you think with emotion and you hold, that will affect your experience. By choosing to focus on what you don’t want you to block your self in that mindset. This causes you to keep repeating those negative results. 

“There’s nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

William Shakespeare

Most of you don’t feel very good about your weight, or anything related to losing weight. Those are the intentions you’re getting back, and those are the emotions you’re perceiving.

See intention as the simple act of becoming conscious of something. The things you are conscious of, which you choose, become your thought process. And it will control your emotions, impulses, behaviors. And those emotions will create your behaviors and results.

The fact is your thoughts and emotions, will become your perception of reality. Your brain will get you to perceive those emotions in your life from whatever it’s related to that thought.

Your experience will support that goal. This happens in the form of motivation, drive, self-control and even seeing bigger actions as smaller.

But don’t worry about those negative intentions. You caused them, even though was unconscious. Through combining pain and pleasure patterns of thought and behavior get formed. now you know that there’s an alternative, you must only focus on your positive intentions. Then the shift will take place.


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Awareness creates emotions based on what we’re looking at often. What you see or focus on with our minds that controls you. Are you focusing on what you want, what you’re going to achieve?. or are you focusing on where you are now, that you don’t like?. Your emotions respond to what you often see. and depend on what that is your impulses and emotions will pull you in direction on others. If you focus on the results you have now, you’re going to get more of them.

Act upon your goals without bypassing the threshold

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Your job is to stay relaxed and focus your emotions on what you want. Using your intentions (where you want to go, why, and get a positive desire for it). control your awareness. Look at what you want, as often as you can, increase the positive emotions of thinking about what you want. After you do this, you will have created a force of pull within you that will move you toward your goals. You’ll want to work out, to make healthy choices, and whatever is necessary, because you will have a desire for your goal. Every desire, mental picture, or word influences your behavior.

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Release the grip of control you do to change your eating habits by force of will. Things like, forbidding foods because that causes tension within you that will come out later in the form of the behaviors you are resisting. which causes you to beat yourself up and resist even more those behaviors making them more magnetic. But when you focus on your feelings and your intentions, and you don’t resist your current habits, you create tension on the behaviors that don’t get you to your goal. And you release it with healthy choices, it’s the same mechanism but inverted. And you later feel good about yourself so you feel compelled to do it again.

The mistake people do is they focus their attention on where they are now. The place they’re now that they dislike. On mistakes, you’ve done on resisting cravings, etc… when all they have to do is to set intentions and focus on what they want. When people focus on bad results they’ve got before, there’s no energy left to change directions. 

All distractions and unhelpful desires come so because of the direction of your awareness. Then when you want to change, there’s no motivation and you think there’s something wrong with yourself. But there’s not, it’s all about your focus. 

The key to overcoming this is recognizing first that what you actually want is feeling good. You want a great body because you associate it feeling good. We unconsciously associate feeling with the outcome, then if we don’t have the outcome we feel bad, we’re are aware that we’re not there. But you can only get there if you are aware of it, as you’re aware of it, you flow to it.

This demotivation makes you feel bad and feeling bad causes struggle. That’s where struggling comes from. But in your emotions, being aware of the goal and having it is the same. The emotional mind cannot distinguish real from imagines, that’s why movies can scare. As you focus on what you want, you experience it, and it feels good then the journey is joy, instead of being impatient to arrive.

Because what you actually want is a feeling, not a result, you can have it by changing your focus. If you focus on what you want, you will feel good NOW, and you will feel good about eating healthy, losing weight, and going to the gym NOW. and because of that, you will expect to lose weight, and that will make you feel amazing NOW. If you set your intentions and focus your awareness you will expect it and it will be yours.

Focus on what you want, the more you want it, the more you’ll focus on it. And the more you focus on it the more you want it, and the more it will change you. The stronger you will go toward it, the stronger you are and the weaker your challenge. You regulate your own experience of losing weight. you have a difficulty regulator, that is your desire, the more you have it. The easier, the less the more difficult.

Do an exercise this week, grab a journal and I want to write all elements that enter your awareness. Then trace back all your impulses and desires from that and also set intentions and write them on paper. When you do this, you will be on the edge of your drives or impulses and able to adjust how you will feel.

I hope you found this helpful and let me know if you have any comments and suggestions, I would also love to know about your short term and long-term progress using these techniques, so I can know more about you and change them to help the biggest number of people possible.

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