Self-acceptance is key in weight loss psychology.

If you’re living the same problem over and over with food like yoyo-dieting, or binge eating at a certain time, self-acceptance is really the weight loss tip you’re looking for. It’s all about psychology.

How lack of acceptance delays weight loss progress

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To go somewhere, you need to have that in mind, and to trust that you can get there. Trust comes when your mind is free of conflictive thoughts.

Lack of self-acceptance makes you not able to think about nothing but past problems. You become stuck in the mud, your thoughts stay along the same line that kept you demotivated in the past, so you keep failing to change your eating habits.  

Unless you learn to accept there will be no energy to lose weight, there will be more of the conflicts that keep repeating the same choices and circumstances.

How expectations create results

There’s a cycle of emotion/expectation/thought-outcome. Since all of our actions come from the things we’re aware of and our emotions, you get what you expect. As you go through life, certain things make emotional impressions upon you, and they form an image of yourself with emotions and thoughts dictating your decisions. This emotions incite all of your eating habits and psychology. The things you care about drive you and the things that make you feel helpless to disempower you.

From places of disempowerment we make decisions that are unsustainable, they cause tremendous discomforts in the process so they don’t last. It also causes all decisions we can regret making.

The negative emotions we hold mess up our decisions until we leave them out of our bodies.

The first thoughts and emotions determine future outcomes.

What you get is because of the previous root cause, which was the thoughts you had in mind. This is the key to the psychology of weight loss.

You need to develop your self-awareness to see what is behind it all and whether there is something you need to accept before jumping into action.

How can you accept and move forward?

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Time is your friend for this, everything passes. When you accept things, which translates to not fighting them or forcing them to change, they go away. Now you’re compulsively remembering so they don’t change, all the further steps to eating healthy you take fail you at the end.

The problem most people have with their psychology in weight loss is the underlying emotion that is driving all the further actions, it’s usually negative emotions, and they make all the other choices negative. Changing the root, it’s definitely the best way to change eating habits, to lose weight.


The key to getting good results is to clear all the negative emotions we are holding within us. We do that by acceptance, not fighting or forcing change, but knowing that our problems come from constantly remembering what bothers us and makes us negative. Let time take away all of those old thoughts, everything not remembered of forgotten. You get what you think when you accept your mind can think about different things, and whatever you think will either motivate you or demotivate you. You’re in control of what you focus on and that way you design your results.

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