Why do I want to eat all the time?

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Sometimes life can get scary, those moments when urges come, a continuous craving, and then you believe you’ll constantly be like that. That you’ll always have an insatiable appetite. hungry all the time. Then you become afraid because you imagine where it may lead you if this continues.

The issue is most people make it part of their sense of self. Everything is in continuous change and fluctuation, including that desire to eat which you call addiction. That identification becomes your reality. You become aware when is taking place, and not when it isn’t. If you realize this, you will become more in control of the desire.

The cause of all destructive behaviors.

Destructive behaviors have their roots in one thing, present discomfort. And that discomfort comes when we’ve associated pain to something in the past. Then, when we find the trigger, our consciousness lives stays stuck in memories of negative experiences. We are not present; We are thinking and those thoughts are about the situation as it relates to the past. Thoughts about how much you’ve failed before, how you will end up if you keep being like repeating the same results as in the past…

put your attention on your thoughts for a moment. How many of them are about something related to the past?. You cannot find anyone that is not.

Now put your attention on your senses go one by one, touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste… If you notice them, they echo into your thoughts, like a scream on the top of a mountain.

When you live in the now, cravings don’t exist, and the mind makes no meanings that disempower us. Because the past the thing giving them power over you by disempowering you, then you’ll seek an escape.

Our minds have formed associations throughout our lives about what things mean. And as we find triggers, we go into the state of discomfort, and after that, all the desires of undesired behaviors emerge. 

From all our emotions, they fall into 2 categories which determine what we do. One is empowerment, the other is disempowerment. As negative triggers come up and focus on our experiences of the past, we label things as negative, and we go into disempowerment. In this state, we feel defeated, and we seek to escape from those emotions. Those where the constant desire to eat comes from, despite not being hungry.

But those emotions only come from your thoughts. Your first thoughts at any moment will dominate your emotional state in that moment.

Is not your fault you’re not addicted, you are only disempowered by negative thoughts, and you seek to escape. The pleasure you feel if you eat comes in contrast to the emotional pain present, not to reality objectively.

Thus, the only way to stop emotional hunger is to improve our emotions throughout the day. When your emotions improve the desire to escape will stop because we’re already ok. Cravings are a desire to escape a feeling instead of a desire to eat.

Leave your past evaluations and judgments of yourself aside. Focus on improving your mindset and emotions by following these steps and the cravings will stop.

Here are some things habits to change to improve your emotions and feel better so the constant desire to eat fades away.

1. You eat too fast and distracted.

<img src=”womaneatingporcornwhilewatchingtv.jpg” alt=“woman eating popcorn while watching tv”>

If you eat too fast means you are unaware of food in actuality. You don’t take in the experience of eating with focus and the signals your body gives. We eat to relieve discomfort in the belly, as we fill ourselves up, the discomfort ceases, thus desire to eat.

When you eat fast without sensing the senses, you’re living a memory that makes you feel bad. You may not know of what it is, but your emotions do, thus you eat and eat to get the feeling to go away. At the same time you get guilty and feel bad, thus need pleasure to relieve discomfort. And this goes on and on like a hamster wheel.

You need to do one thing. Eat with attention. Feel every sensations of the food, touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste. You’re doing it right when your thoughts are echoes of what you are sensing. If you have negative thoughts, doesn’t matter, do the same thing, make them as something you sense now. That way you can remove yourself both from the memories and the guilt with one action.

2. You restrict and force control over yourself

<img src=”platewithnofoodandasadfcedrawinit.jpg” alt=“plate with no food and a sad face draw in it”>

You don’t like your body, thus you restrict your intake. This is the worst approach to weight loss. We have like an alarm inside us. Each time we try to change something, and we put ourselves in excess discomfort this alarm goes on. Then our emotions get crazy and we sabotage all or leave it even worse than before.

The alarm is you.

If you want to change, you must do baby steps. Shift things enough to not sense change too much, don’t obsess counting calories or radically changing. You must change your lifestyle one by one, without exhausting yourself. In time, changes will become automatic. They be automatic, that’s when you can choose other things to change. If the time you will have achieved the optimal habits for your health, and the body will respond.

Don’t climb a set of 20 stairs in 3 jumps, go one by one, and you can still arrive. Don’t struggle to change your eating habits, change one by one, and you will accomplish your goal, you don’t no need to struggle. Our culture teaches us to get things quick, to be impatience, and put ourselves at extreme risk. That’s why all the success stories are about struggle. But those stories are about self-created struggle, there’s no reason you could not climb a mountain in an hour a day. Why would you have to tackle all at once without rest and risk yourself?

Restricting and forcing yourself, will make cravings much stronger.

3. You are guilty

<img src=”women guilty in a red background.jpg” alt=“women guilty in a red background”>

Guilt is a dangerous emotion. Guilt makes you stay stuck in the thought process and state of mind that got you to where you’re guilty of. And you keep repeating the same results over and over without your conscious awareness. Your unconscious mind follows the course of the momentum of your last thoughts. Since you’re guilty, you don’t change your focus.

Cravings also become much more powerful, because you’re more disempowered. Since it’s our thoughts are the source of cravings, when you are guilty is like if we say, “Don’t think of a blue elephant”. That along with the worry of trying to not think about food, and the guilt afterward, takes us into a state of total disempowerment. The same source of cravings gets even more powerful. Afterward, you seek escapism, destructive behaviors become desirable. 

It’s not because of you, it’s because of your state.

The only way to change is to change your thoughts to what you want and keep those thoughts alone. You can only achieve that by focusing on the present moment. When you’re in the present, you take away the focus from the past. As your focus is in your control, then you think about what we want now. Then you will feel a change in your state that will drive you to what you want.

4. You identified as a binge eater

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You’ve failed so much before, that you feel identifies as a binge eater. The problem with this is that you live in your past mistakes. You may think food is pleasurable I can’t leave it, or I failed before. But it isn’t you, you are acting consistently with the past on autopilot. As I say, our feelings come from our thoughts, not from things, the past becomes present thoughts, thus continue. If before you have to felt compelled to binge, it is because your emotions put made you disempowered. again when your disempowerment binging seems desirable. But it isn’t about food, things, or any habit, it’s about thoughts.

Since your thought about food is in the past, you think the feelings belong to the food instead of the past context. And about your past failures, you also think you come from the factory as a disaster with your eating habits. But the only thing that is happening is that you’re letting past emotions become present emotions.

This moment isn’t the past live it and see it for yourself. If thoughts about the past come in, make it thoughts of the present. Instead of being in the past, make it a moment seeing a thought about the past, and they will lose control over you. 

5. Feeling that binge eating is your obstacle to get X thing

<img src=”blackchesspawnwinningoverwhitepawn.jpg” alt=“black chess pawn winning over white pawn”>

You want to achieve a certain thing but you binge and since you binge you believe you cannot achieve that thing, thus you’re guilty.

The only thing that keeps you binging is your guilt. And you’re who does guilt. Guilt causes the binge cycle when we seek food we seek relief from physical or emotional discomfort. When you’re guilty, you cause emotional discomfort to renew over and over. You seek to eat for relief; Guilt comes afterward, thus you still feel bad, then you have to eat more deal with guilt, then you get more guilt. You enter a state of disempowerment and it becomes an escape from pain and goes on and on. Every time it makes the cravings much stronger.

The good news is you’re doing guilt, you can stop doing it. You don’t need to discipline yourself so much to be at the weight you want. You need to get out of negative emotions and disempowerment. And get empowered by knowing what you want and focus on it. Then your impulses will work for you.

No binge is pleasurable without a state of disempowerment. If you give yourself a chance to experience this, it will change everything.

Sometimes you feel bad because of some issue in your life, and you want to escape and reach for food. If you reach for a little bit, and you soothe the emotion, then you’ll feel satisfied. It doesn’t matter. But it’s the guilt which renews the need to eat, again and again, it becomes the binge cycle.

If you feel bad and get cravings, stop and think about what’s worrying you. Then reach for the food and become very conscious of the emotion you want to stop and feel it go down. After it goes down, you will feel satisfied.

Turn off guilt to turn off the cravings, you need to stop escaping your emotions or your circumstances to stop feeling that way. Only stay in the moment instead of in your mind, in your senses instead of in your memories. Then you will shift your momentum.

6. Self-consciousness, self-hate, shame, fear of others

<img src=”womenashamedwithahands onherfaceandonherhead.jpg” alt=“women ashamed with a hands on her face and on her head”>

Not accepting where you now keep your mind dwelling in a closed loop about the same thing. Then you cannot change your momentum. Ignore what others think, is only when you care about that, that it makes you feel negative emotions come, and where all the cravings gain their power over you. When you can be without trying to escape, you will be in control of your habits and the momentum of your health.

Also, it’s very important for you to understand that if somebody criticizes you, he is not feeling good inside. We can only notice things that resonate with our feelings. You may have experienced that when you’re happy you see good in everything, the same is true for the opposite. If somebody thinks bad about you, he is feeling bad about himself. Otherwise, he would not notice mistakes in others.

Turn that hate to compassion for him, instead of seeing it from a selfish perspective.

7. you’re judgemental of other people’s bodies or fatness in general

<img src=”redsignwith thewordswrongwayinit.jpg” alt=“red sign with the words wrong way in it”>

If you judge other people’s bodies or the human body in all the ways it can be, you become reactive to food. Since you hate that, you become afraid of that, thus food trigger disempowers you thus you give in.

Accept all bodies, they’re only a result of one person’s focus or consciousness. That focus can be a product of their environment, they’re influences, they’re state of mind, they’re desired outcomes… If your conscious of health more that lack of health, you will move toward healthy behaviors. Change your focus. It’s composed of your thoughts, your desires, what you pay attention to. And you will change your direction, there’s no need to hate anything.

8. Fear of gaining weight

<img src=”women covering her face with one hand in a black background.jpg” alt=“womencoveringherfacewithonehandinablackbackground”>

Being afraid of gaining weight also makes you more aware of triggers and more helpless toward them.

This goes hand in hand with the idea of judging being overweight or fatness. You don’t believe you can control it. But it’s all about what thoughts you allow to enter your mind, what you focus on.

Acceptance of the reality that being overweight exists will weaken your cravings and bring you more in control. It’s the fact that you have so much negativity around that idea that then turns that energy against you in the form of cravings if that makes sense.

The more one hates being overweight while being in a disempowered state, the more difficult the urges will be.

See that our negative emotions don’t come from things, but from escaping things. Learn to accept the existence of that, without resisting, you do that by being present. Presence is the opposite of resisting, you stay instead of trying to escape, thus the emotions will leave, and the craving will weaken.


If you do any of this, you may have learned to understand why you have issues overcoming food cravings. By dealing with each of these mistakes one by one, your mind will be freed from the obsession with food. You’ll be more empowered, and then you will have the ability to make a decision and make it happen, which has not been possible for you before because you were disempowered.

Let me know what do you think in the comments below, and let me know how well this works out for you!

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