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When people tell why they are not at the weight they want, they have the same reasons. “I have no motivation to lose weight”, “I can’t stop eating junk food”, “Healthy food isn’t as good as junk food”.

What makes change difficult?

What you have to understand that we have a barrier to cross when we seek to change. That is our self-image, it’s who we think we are. Your self-image comes from the past because the thoughts composing it are coming from past events. The repetition of those thoughts inherited from experience and image of ourselves gets built and maintained. If you tried to be disciplined once and it felt bad, a bad feeling will come every time you attempt to do that. The mind brings the memories that remember into the moment.

What is self-image?

The self-image is the collection of thoughts, emotions, associations, meanings of your past. Your self-image handles most of the emotions you experience in your life. So from an overweight self-image, all the actions will be a struggle, there will be no motivation to lose weight. You will feel bad because the memories are from bad experiences. That is the reality for most people. This made the culture of mainstream weight loss, the philosophy of “no pain, no gain”.

But there’s a little old trick that can shift your self-image with intention. And intention, when left there like a seed, becomes a felt intention that will shape your path toward weight loss. It will make you feel motivated. Then the activities will feel better because of it.

De difference is that before you started from bad feelings coming from memories. Now you set memories aside and imagine, make a vision. Then good feelings come and a different self-image.

How do you create your emotions?

Emotions come from how we process events in our minds. This takes the form of words, mental pictures, stories… Basically whatever you think. But what you think is either coming from imagination or memory.

To change things you must stop comparing what you’re doing today with your past habits. When you achieve this, you will stop feeling negative about what you’re doing. It all relative to the contrast caused by the difference between different actions. When you can’t motivate yourself to lose weight or do something means that your self-image does not match that action or outcome.

You don’t have to live out of the past. If you change gradually as opposed to instantly, you also can shift your self-image. You also must set intentions. Which will be they will act as relative to what you will experience to get what you want. By doing this you-re, not of the mercy of your past to dictate how you will feel.

Conscious control of your motivation to lose weight, or living by the past?

You have let your past set the contrast point of how you will experience what you want to do. But now you will let your intention and your end goal set that contrast. And you do it by experiencing it through your imagination.

You may say, what? The thing is this, your experience is subjective, and it’s designed.

First, All pleasure or pain of things comes from emotions during events, not events.

Second, your mind has the function of remembering experiences and how they felt, and relate it to what you want to do. And by those feelings stored from past experiences, it builds an expectation that later becomes your experience. Experience is emotion, and emotions produce all pleasure or pain in your life.

But your imagination can create experiences and feelings out of nothing. Your brain will store these imaginary experiences as reality. They will be a pattern of reference to create future experiences this is the way of motivating yourself to lose weight or anything. It also makes things that were usually uncomfortable, less or not uncomfortable at all, things like self-control.

So if it’s your feelings stored and your brain your past that makes losing weight hard. This would be the equation.


Shift it into this to have a good time working toward your goals.


How to produce a change.

What is the method to make this change and have motivation to lose weight? The method is to guide your thinking and attention toward the new direction. There are 2 main things to do:

1. Accept yourself and your feelings, even when they don’t support your goals. See them as only the direction of our past thoughts. This keeps most people stuck because they don’t accept who they are. Life has the illusion of fixed identities. That causes people to fight themselves. But the only thing that this does is create more of the same thing. When you fight something, you feel it, and you’re more focused on it. And it further causes the same results. To change where you’re going focus on what you want instead.

And you can’t focus on another thing unless you accept what has happened. You can let your past identity or results let go as simple as when you walk through a door. And when you do this, you will control your attention, which will allow you to control your experience.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi says his book flow, that to succeed we must manage our consciousness or “psychic energy”. This means to put our attention on our intentions from the things we don’t want to our intentions. Letting negative things affect our consciousness causes psychic entropy. The mind is busy with problems, and it gets distracted by anything to escape the negative feelings. It blocks us from having the ability to experience flow.

2. Is to set intentions to the direction you want to go, not forcing it. Without fighting the current stream of thoughts. Just place your attention on your intention. Every time your attention distracts, don’t get angry at it. You know why it happens, and so you accept it then focus on your intention.

BONUS TIP Deep concentration.

3. Another strategy is to concentrate on what you want. What you want, not what you don’t want. And stay with it for long periods between 5-30 minutes until you can’t think of anything else. Every time you get distracted, bring back your attention. Then those thoughts will affect your feelings. And those feelings will affect every action you take. It will make weight loss feel much better.


Those are the steps, but this idea is not just about doing those new actions. Is a realization. It’s about knowing why you feel the way you feel about things. And learning that you choose how experiences feel to you by what you’re contrasting it. Your unconscious will contrast it with your imagination or with your past. But it’s about your thoughts.

You can be in conscious control of your life experience. Knowing what you want, and begin to use your imagination for your brain to manufacture future experiences through your emotions and perception. Or you can continue to remember your past, feel sorry for yourself, and create more emotional struggle.

I hope these tips have helped you, give me your thoughts on the post and what results you’ve got.

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