Frustrated with weight loss? meditation is the solution

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Do you feel like a puppet to food? Do you find difficult to change your behavior? Like most Yo-Yo dieters and binge eaters, the actions you did before control what you’re going to do next. You are like a boat controlled by the stream of water he left on where it passed. Meditation is the tool you need to free yourself from those blocks and make your weight loss efforts last.

This is where meditation comes into your aid. Your past leaves thoughts in your mind, and those thoughts are puppeting you now even thought you want something else, you’re like a dog wages by its tail. Meditation technique to put an end to this puppeteering and achive lasting weight loss.

How does meditation work?

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Meditation is the act of sitting and observing your thoughts. There’s 2 forms our awareness takes. As we go through life we live engaged in our thoughts, we have a constant mental conversation about what comes into our senses. This the first form our awareness takes, as engaged in its own thoughts. Every form of word that comes out from you is part of it. This word can then create meanings, and when they’re negative, emotional pain happens.

The second form our awareness takes is observation. This means looking at what is whithout adding any words to it. You are aware of everything in your senses and everything in mind without adding meaning, a story o narrative to it.

The act of meditating is the act of entering this second form of awareness I describe. People do this because every emotion we experience, and everything we store in our minds, we do so only by adding language to it (meaning, stories, narratives…) And as we become observatory of our own self, we one by one end every neurotic emotion making us suffer to lose weight. This is the weight loss trick of meditation.

How can meditation help with weight loss or binge eating?

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The way meditation helps with weight loss is by making you aware of the negative meanings you have attached to your relationship with food.

This may have started many years ago. You may once you’ve thought your body was ugly for something that happened. An uncomfortable sensation solidified your certainty about it. Then as you added meaning, it kept there, and when you came in contact with food, through those lenses of “my body is ugly” you added more negative meaning to food, making it negative. Since then the past puppets you. Through language, the past can control your present.

Through meditation, which is observing, the language of the past can stop and free you.

How a negative relationship to food starts.

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The way we develop negative patterns from negative emotions in life, events get recorded and we are in lower or higher states, it’s like a scale of feeling. Negativity comes about when we have uncomfortable sensations in our body and the mind interprets them. Depending on all of our interpretations we’re better or worst, it’s not really about what happens. Emotions are all temporary, but when the mind interprets them they become persisting suffering. They also can be related to any other thing causing us to constantly remember old pains. Even thought the situation may not happen, the mind triggers it through these mechanisms, this is taught in the book How to get out of your mind and into your life:

“…the mind can relate anything to anything in any possible way. In technical terms it suggests that relational responding is “arbitrarily applicable.”

“When we think, we arbitrarily relate events. Symbols “carry back” objects and events because they are related to these events as being “the same.” These symbols enter into a vast relational network that our mind generates and expands on over the course of our lives.”

“For human beings, avoiding situational cues for psychological pain is unlikely to succeed in eliminating difficult feelings because all that is needed to bring them to mind is an arbitrary cue that evokes the right verbal relations. This example of a sunset demonstrates the process. A sunset can evoke a verbal history. It is “beautiful” and beautiful things are things you want to share with others. You cannot share this sunset with your dear friend, and there you are, feeling sad at the very moment you see something beautiful. The problem is that the cues that evoke verbal relations can be almost anything: the ink on paper that made up the word “shame,” or a sunset that reminded you of your recent loss. In desperation, humans try to take a very logical action: they start trying to avoid pain itself. “

“In addition to whatever they may be about, words are also just words. When you understand the idea that words are just words and you make use of that idea as a skill that you can develop, it becomes easier to understand and modify the words’ relationship to your pain and to your life.”

Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life: The New Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Book by Smith Spencer and Steven C. Hayes

Every emotional issue comes from there. In your case they issues are body image issues, and unhealthy relationship with food.

We need to take the driving seat on this process of making meanings from sensations which we are unconscious of now, and by its happening according to the past. Unless we’ve been already doing well is not going to benefit us. The meanings will be your reality. If we see the mind as it is originating those meanings, without making more meanings we’re free.

The ego and how it prevents weight loss

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The ego will always try to pull you to what you’ve been before.
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By the process of meaning, we form an image of who we are, the ego. All meanings come from the ego, the meaning that your mind makes are from the point of view of the ego, that’s why is so difficult to lose weight. If you were overweight and never exercise, you will see it as uncomfortable because the meaning compares it with what you did before. But if it felt fun, it wouldn’t be uncomfortable, but the meanings you make without consciously making are always caught up in what you did before.

Because emotions come from meaning, if you get rid of it, you get rid of the emotion and can enjoy more. Then you can focus on your intention and have a vision of what you want to become. You will later percieve it as if you were in the end with your new self as opposed to the begining with the old self. This blog post expands on this.

How you stick and enjoy any changes. You live them from the point of view of someone who has been healthy his whole life.

How much time takes for meditation to work?

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The act of seeing negative sensations and observe them as opposed to keep interpreting them is all it takes. There’re emotional triggers that I have been able to clear in 1 minute. Others had more layers of meaning over meanings and that took more. But as you do this process more it gets easier, you can start with tiny triggers on other areas of your life to practice.

All delays in this process happen because of being bothered. We may get triggered to binge or be lazy, see why, but we get bothered about it. Because even though we see it, we’re negative about it. We get bothered because we’re making life hard for ourselves. But is feeling bothered and resisting what’s happening, which makes life hard, because it takes us away from observing. The only thing that makes life hard is living in past emotions and meanings, and reacting to it instead of designing it.

You need to look and by looking you don’t interpret, by not interpret language stops. When language stops, there’s no emotion, and without language and emotion your body doesn’t record the emotions. Next time there will be no trigger. By that point you’re no longer controlled by the past.

What benefits can bring meditation to weight loss?

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A strong mind is the benefit of meditation, a mind that can do anything and leave behavior very quickly because it gives your thoughts a very fluid nature, you no longer care about them.
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You can use meditation to change your relationship with food, weight loss and exercise. Everyone knows how to lose weight, the problems doing it, negative meanings make it very hard.

If you don’t stick to weight loss or can’t lose weight, it’s because you struggle to do it. Those negative emotions you have when you do the actions are the reason you can’t lose weight, if you can’t stick to it is because you feel bad, deprived, forced… then you feel you have no self-control. and if you can stick to it but don’t lose weight is because you’re uncomfortable and want it to end now, so you keep doing the same things without getting creative. All these come down to negative emotions during the process which keep reappearing because of meaning. When you can notice them without more meaning they end, and the limiting emotions stop, this is the job of meditation.

Meditation helps you stick to it and enjoy the process. In changing our mindset and enjoying the journey we do it better, get momentum and more results.

Potential struggles in meditation

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During meditation your mind can get stuck in judging throughts related to your behaviors.
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As said, problems come from making meanings to uncomfortable sensation. Meaning makes these sensations linked to a trigger, and reappear as they’re triggered, even though the sensation itself without meaning is temporary. Meditation is the awareness of it, and awareness is the ending of adding meaning, and with no meaning negativity dissipates.

But some people struggle because they see how meanings come about but they’re negative about it as well. For example, food appears, and the mind says “i should not eat that” and creates fear, then you see it and you think “stupid mind don’t think that!” and that causes you to crave more and increase imaginary future fears of being fat, and you start desiring it to stop now, which is more meaning… We tried to be aware and we end more unaware. Train yourself to see impartially, even when you think “stupid mind don’t think that” see that, and don’t get swept by it. All of those reactions are automatic, you need to have self-compassion to bypass them.

Meditation is looking at it only, and by looking the mind ceases to add by itself, like water getting quiet. There’s no right or wrong in observing the meanings, because by noticing them they will begin diminish.

Also, it’s crucial that you’re aware of your body and the sensation first. Sensation are like fire, and all the negativity in your life is the smoke of that fire. First become aware of the fire, then you know the meanings are smoke of that fire. As you notice that you see the smoke as hypnosis, you know those sensations are negative hypnosis, not reality. They couldn’t be there if not for the fire, the’re not reality but a temporary part of it.

From here, you’re able to cause the meaning and the emotion to dissipate.

There’s 3 things that make this difficult.

Your desire to stop it now. Wanting it to stop now, is seeing happiness as being the product of another meaning that we like, so we chase positivity and run away from negativity. But this isn’t true, happiness is not adding to meanings, which is awareness, which is here all time.

Your fear of the consequences of the interpretation. When we think about binging for example, we succumb when we imagine future consequences of the behavior. This creates the state as if you already done it, so you’re depressed and you do it. There are meanings, and meditation stops them, doesn’t consider them as if they would stay there.

Your fear of not considering yourself worthy enough. This assumes the meanings are real, it’s common that when we’re in a state, we see everything from that state, but states are temporary. You’re working on ceasing meanings, so you shouldn’t project them into the future.

All of this are common meaning beginner mediators make about emotions that keeps them slave to them. As you master those 3 common pitfalls, you’ll be able to stop any form of distortion your mind may cause you.

Your mind reads your body like a book, only it’s a book without words. The body makes signals, but then the mind interprets it related to your past and your own struggles and this process distorts things.


Meditation is a powerful tool that can help you stick to losing weight and enjoy it. The key is understanding that your mind distorts through meaning, all meanings come from the position of the ego, your past. And as it distorts, it perpetuates the situation you’re in, so his efforts are in vain.

Observing is the alternative to distorting and by observing we make those meanings and they’re emotional charge weak. When there’s no meaning over emotions we forget them. By living your life free of the old impulses, you can create a vision of our goals and achieve them.

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