Kicking this small habit is the key to food freedom.

Do you use to wolf down your food after you reach it? If you like any food is because how it tastes right? If you eat very fast chances are you probably don’t even taste it. This is a big cause of binge eating disorder.

The self-help speaker Tony Robbins says that people who overeat do so because they recall memories of past food that produce them relief. Food acts as a trigger to imagine and feel relieved. Here’s where he says it:

What he means is that the mind has forms of senses, similar to the real ones. When you go to eat you go into a gustatory internal experience, which means that you are imagining the taste of foods. This is happening unconsciously, you don’t realize it, or do it on purpose.

If you eat is because you love the taste of a food right? If it is so, why you eat it fast? wouldn’t you enjoy it if you eat it slower? This is evidence that you’re not really present. You engage in your mind and eat tense, that happens when you eat too fast.

The solution to this is, tony says, is to go from gustatory internal to external. This means to become aware of your senses, especially taste. Eat slower, be more conscious of the movements.

Negative effects of eating fast.

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We will see some consequences of eating fast, all of them are corrected by eating slower and becoming more aware. Those negative binge eating patterns all reside in the mind, which then become sensations, and urges. By being present in the senses and being aware of your thoughts as to what the thought is, instead of thinking about that thought, we let go of our minds, so we can allow our body to be managed by our innate natural intelligence. This is also known as intuitive eating. Let’s check out the effects that happen when you eat too fast.

Losing awareness of the body’s signals.

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This is why is bad to eat fast, It takes you away from the awareness of the body’s state that makes us be satisfied. We feel discomfort if we don’t meet the nutritional requirements or have the stomach empty, and we feel satisfied if we do. But when hunger becomes emotional, that starts the issues, I talk about these two types of hunger in this post.


Other important effects of eating fast are the building up of nervousness within ourselves. Rutinary actions have a big influence on our subconscious minds. How we do repetitive activities as eating can influence us positively or negatively. When you go to eat, you must think positively and do it patiently, eat slowly. Tension happens when you eat too fast and do other things fast and tense.

Lack of stillness

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When you think negatively and eat with tension, that tension goes out and contaminates your habitual state. In India, when people eat, they bless the food because they see they’re thoughts as energy that goes into the food, and have the habit of eating positively, they say that the energy you have, goes to the food and comes back more to you as you eat. So you can eat stress or eat calmness, relaxation…

To have more control over yourself and your life you need to cultivate more calmness in your body, the calmer you are the more intelligent you are because the more you can control yourself. And the tenser you are the less you can control, that’s the root of binge eating and is it bad to eat fast. What happens when you eat too fast This will allow you to easily decide to change what you do and be able to. So, is bad to eat fast because it makes you less still thus less in control, eating slower is the solution to this.

Don’t eat multitasking

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If you love eating so much, why do you have to be so distracted every time you do it? The habit doesn’t come from anything physical but of remembering the past. Eat without distraction from smartphone or tv, and you will find it easier to focus your awareness on chewing, smelling, tasting… Eating mindfully.

About limiting emotions that cause you to overeat

If there are uncomfortable emotions, if you just let them be, and allow yourself 4, 5 or more times for you to process that, you will be able to fade these emotions and move on. We usually react with a lack of acceptance of how we react, this makes the situation feel good every time because that’s what we were focusing on the previous experience.

So see and accept that you don’t understand this emotion or that you can’t process is based on the data you have. You don’t have to at this moment. Your mind gets habituated to everything it is exposed to often. So how your feelings about that trigger will lower every time if you follow this thought process.

The incorrect response to uncomfortable emotions is to feel bad, angry or unhappy about yourself for feeling them, this makes that response grow bigger each time. That creates all the triggers and unsettledness that causes you to eat fast because you feel bad. And as you eat fast you further reinforce that tension.

If you give yourself time, that calmness will bring you emotional relief more every time.


All eating disorders come from not being present because there’s a past event that stole us our awareness. It’s the same on all mental health issues. If you have uncomfortable emotions, know this, if you just let them be, allow yourself 4-5 recalls even more if you need to. You will be able to fade these emotions to move on. 

Let me know what do you think in the comments below, and let me know how well this works out for you!

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