How your environment is a big cause of binge eating

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Your social circle has a strong influence on your eating habits. The people that surround you dictate your preferences, your likes, dislikes…. So the question is how your environment is a big cause of binge eating? Let’s see…

The mechanism behind is the mirror neurons.

These neurons act by simple observation. They will support whatever behaviors are common. They will it by tweaking what is pleasurable to you and what isn’t, making it one of the biggest binge eating or overeating causes.

This could save your life years ago. Today, food is not scarce. The problem is sifting it… Today is one of the biggest causes of binge eating.

The things you’re exposed to become subconscious programming. In moments of uncomfortable emotions, rationality goes away, and programming rules. If you’re tired of coming home, the conscious mind stops ruling, so the programming is one of the biggest overeating causes.

To change this, I recommend these steps.

1. Change your role models.

Choose role models you’ll want to be. Human behavior is highly influenced by role models. If you change the people who you look up to, it will influence your behavior.

2. Consume information about health and fitness.

The information feed in your environment you is a big piece of what composes your environment. The information available programs the collective group, making the environment even worst or better. That’s how your environment is a big cause of your binge eating.

It’s more instinctual to do things you remember often. If you habitually consume information about health, your thoughts will get momentum toward that direction.

This it’s called priming. The things that are priming you, are the cause of most of your problems, including the causes of binge eating.

3. Put quotes, pictures, affirmations, food in your environment that suggest health.

Everything you see around you often will influence you, that’s how you got conditioned toward the habits you don’t want. This same law can be applied to your benefit.

The most clarity you can get into your vision, pictures, and affirmations the best they will work. Because most will influence your emotions. This is priming as well.

4. Hang out with people that are healthier and watch them in YouTube videos.

Your environment is one of the biggest influences on your health. This is the same mechanism said above. Changing this will get you rid of a common cause of binge eating disorder

5. Notice all the food influences around you, ads, people, pictures…

Notice how they influence you. Awareness has the ability to take their power away from your subconscious.

All thoughts and emotions are impermanent, meaning they have limited time. But they become unconscious, and it reactivates repeatedly in emotions because of thoughts you’re not conscious of. With awareness of your thoughts, they will weaken with time. And it allows you to explore the world and how the thought relates to it. This rewrites those limiting beliefs so it will never affect your emotions.


Once you separate your emotions from ideas, then you’ll be able to rewrite who you are.

Following this, you’ll take control back and counteract one of the biggest causes of binge eating disorder.

Let me know what do you think in the comments below, and let me know how well this works out for you!

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