How to stop counting calories obsessively

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Are you constantly worrying about your weight and counting calories to compensate that, but sometimes it backfires and you end up in a binge?

Don’t worry there’s a reason for that and a solution which I’m going to share with you now.

The 2 biggest weight-loss enemies

Most of us when most people are unhappy with our weight they draw upon 2 resources which actually perpetuates the problem, that is worry and brute force, we imagine the worst in ourselves, and we feel that we have to tame ourselves aggressively to avoid this negative imagine scenario from happening, and we start to obsessively restrict and count calories because we don’t believe ourselves capable of being in control.

Any emotion we have causes us to become aware of things around us that cause that emotion, whatever you feel you will notice outside, this is why sometimes we reap results we don’t want.

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When we worry we cause our minds to focus on what we don’t want because worry implies a negative scenario that we fear, and whatever we fear our minds will especially fixate on that in thought and in awareness, our lives become an obsession with our feared imagines the future possibility.

We become aware very quickly of all the things we don’t want to see, all the publicity about supermodels we want to be like but we feel that we are not, all the imperfections people have in their bodies, all the food advertising and food triggers which cause us to fall into a negative downward spiral of forcing to not wanting to eat, and craving more and more, which usually ends up badly…

Using brute force to lose weight is the strategy that feeds up the worry back, you don’t want to eat, even though you’ve had an impulse, because of that impulse and your force after, you feel deprived, and because of that you have more cravings, and it repeats more and more until the cravings become so strong that completely dominates your mind.

The key to recover

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The key to getting back from this is to stop brute-forcing, instead, focus all of your emotions on what you want, all human behavior is based on emotions.

The only reason you have worry and cravings is only that you experience the emotions of worry about a negative scenario and you deprive yourself, all of this emotions outlet in the form of awareness about these negative things.

The same way you got in the rut, you can get to the top, start to focus your awareness on a desired future possibility, build a vision of your ideal healthy life, those emotions will control your impulses, they will increase positive impulses that lead you to the accomplishment of your body vision, and they will weaken your cravings, and all to the exact proportion of the emotions you experience contemplating your vision, if the emotions are strong enough, you could from now on never experience a craving in your life, and be the healthiest you ever.

Here’s an exercise to do to achieve this.

Grab a piece of paper or a journal and write down the answer to these questions:

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  1. What is the outcome you are seeking to accomplish with your body? What does what you want looks like, how do you know you’re there? Put as much detail on this as possible, go into the body fat percentage, the muscle, even how your skin looks like now, and how do you feel in your clothes, as much experiential detail as possible.
  2. Why do you want that outcome? Why do you need that, why is it different from what you have now.
  3. What benefits will your desired outcome give you? What are all the good benefiting experiences that this outcome will allow you to experience?
  4. How will those benefits make you feel? How will each of the benefits make you feel how much will they enhance your life, go in crystal clear detail on how you will feel when you get those benefits.
  5. Write down a day in the life of that person of you in the present tense, the more detail the more emotion and the more emotion the faster and easy it is, the change could happen just instantly if you get to the tipping point.
  6. Read that paper of a day in the life of you in your desired outcome every day after you wake up and before going to bed, this is when you will be less critic of the message, because when we are trough our day out inner critic tends to be very aware of your statements and tends to cancel it with something that makes you feel bad when you’re sleepy or relax this doesn’t happen, and every message you don’t contradict in the minute you say it, it starts to work in your life, meaning the cravings and the obsession will lower significantly and the confidence and decision will be firm, the more confidence and positive emotion, the easier and the faster.
  7. Suspend all your concerns about weight loss, and suspend your judgments of yourself for at least 30 days, during those days repeat the step 6 every day (but do it always so you always have a chosen direction in your life), during those 30 days focus on your habit, and on feeling good, for this to work you must focus exclusively on it without concerning about your life now.

Are you ready for a transformation?

Let me know what you think, and if you need some help while trying just leave me a comment here, and also let me know the results the next days and at the end of the month!

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