How to not give in to cravings

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When food cravings appear, it’s a big issue for most people, sometimes it ruins entire days. If you’re having cravings now and you’re seeking a solution, this post will help.

Food cravings appear because of the feelings we hold about food, weight loss… Which makes us either have self-control or not. It’s like a boomerang, we feel in a certain way and it comes back when that thing appears. 

For most people, this is negative emotions about themselves and their bodies, and they go into diets out of self-judgment and desperation. The opposite correct way is from inspiration, from vision. You break out of the past and build something new.

Food cravings and emotions

The role of your feelings in weight loss is simple, It works in your whole experience, basically. It goes this way, emotion out the emotion in. If your mind is only aware of your lacks, what you don’t like about yourself and your past, then those emotions will be the ones you live. The experience with food and exercise becomes negative, and we also deprive ourselves, we force ourselves to not do it, which brings a much more negative experience.

The opposite is seeing to bypass our limits through our imagination. The mind doesn’t distinguish what is real to what we imagine, that’s why you can feel imagination, and that’s all you need, better feelings, that is conscious motivation.

The 3 biggest reasons you have food cravings

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  1. Guilt, self-hate, shame.
  2. Deprivation.
  3. Having negative reasons to lose weight.

All things are equal, but our perception of them creates difficult and easy. That’s why some people don’t have food cravings when you were a child you stopped eating when you were full. But the associations of emotions we create towards things make them addictive, and these 3 things create those negative pulling emotions, thus the cravings.

“As you sow, so shall you reap.”“What you put out comes back” they were all were saying the same thing thousands of years ago…

Now with this awareness, feel quieter and in control of your life, because most of your fears come from the feeling that you will stay the same for much longer or forever, which was also bringing to you much more negative emotions to your life and to your attempts to lose weight.

How to stop a food craving

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To stop craving you must stop the emotion producing it, they originate from thoughts about thoughts. There are 2 types of thoughts, automatic (not an issue) and conscious (the issue), when automatic thoughts and we are against them we become engage in them, and that causes them to grow exponentially until they take control of your mind.

Your automatic thoughts are always active, processing the environment, scanning everything as it relates to you. The problem is that it takes whatever emotion you hold towards things, and when they appear they call your awareness, and then your conscious thoughts engage in that, creating the negative emotions that are the cravings, the longer you engage the longer the craving.

5 ways to let go of food craving thoughts

  1. Focus on your breathing. By focusing on your breathing consciously, you’re entertaining your conscious thoughts. The conscious mind cannot do 2 things at a time.
  2. Let go, stop engaging in thoughts and move on with your day. The difficulty of this depends on how afraid you are of the cravings, and the ease of how strong your desire to get thin is.
  3. Write reasons you want to be thin and all the benefits that it will give you. The act of writing is one of the most powerful ways to entertain the conscious thoughts and to focus them on what we want, and the more those benefits stir up emotion within you the weaker the food cravings will get in that exact moment.
  4. Do something that relaxes you, relaxation is a powerful way to relieve those thoughts. It makes us feel relaxed toward our challenges. So everything becomes much easier. The sensation of relaxation can cancel out all craving. There’s a tipping point of relaxation when your mind gets completely off, and things barely affect you. You can do whatever activity relaxes you, getting a massage, going into a sauna, in a Jacuzzi, walking, going to the beach, whatever will relax you deeply.
  5. Go to something that makes you feel good or any positive emotion, maybe is seeing your mum and hugging her, maybe is your loved one, or a pet, or a place that brings you great memories.

The core fundamental nature of cravings is that they come from previous emotionally charged thoughts. When food appears, these emotions come up.

Research shows that the stress response of the body to a stimulus lasts about 20 minutes, anything longer than that is thoughts acting as a stimulus because the imagination can create any emotion, the subconscious mind cannot differentiate real from imagined.


Our emotions towards anything come back to us. You need to take charge of your thoughts and your reasons why you do what you do. Find inspiring reasons to lose weight, don’t act out of negative feelings.

If you engage with thoughts, they keep repeating themselves repeatedly. When your focus has changed long enough for the emotions to change the experience will change, the goal of all the 5 steps is to do just that.

Give them a try and let me know your results in the comments below! And if you have any questions comments or observations tell me as well!

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