How to have self-control with food

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It’s tough to have the mind saturated with thoughts about something you’re trying not to do. That’s why I wrote this post, to learn how we can have self-control with food. We will see if self-control really is the secret and how you can control your eating habits to have the body and lifestyle you want.

What is self-control

Self-control means doing the opposite of what your impulses tell you, while you keep having those thoughts in mind.

It’s done because of something you want, like a lean body, and you think food will prevent you from getting it. You want to eat, but you don’t eat because you strongly want to get a great body and you think food will prevent you from getting it.

Some people have achieved great bodies and habits by using this strategy (I included about 5 years ago). But this strategy does not always work, because some people have negative beliefs and self-image from they’re past and it trumps all desire, sometimes even the desire comes limited by their self-image. Because of that, they can’t have enough of their energy or emotions focused on their goals, (which is what produces any results, emotions+focus=result) and this causes a lot of failures, loss of self-esteem, guilt even self-hate. Those emotions leave them with no self-control, with food.

Self-control is not necessary because you can make your cravings lose power over you, and then lose weight.

Why cravings appear in the first place?

Any impulse comes from thoughts that have been emotionalized. The subconscious stores any thought that is emotionalized. When that happens, you will get impulses, drive, emotion, which cause all human behavior.

So the better strategy for stop binge eating is to just focus your emotions, your thoughts (the mind thinks in words, and images) on what you want. That will reduce the cravings and impulses and you don’t even have to use any self-control in a short time.

What should you do to have self-control with food?

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Now, if you’re struggling with self-control, binge eating, and diet you’re probably emotionalizing thoughts of not wanting to eat (deprivation), or that you don’t want to gain more weight but you don’t believe you can stick to diet and exercise (resentment), and many other negative thoughts. 

If you wanted to have self-control with food, realize that you want what you believe will give you, which is a healthy body. So the key is to focus on a healthy body and what it can give you. As you feel better that will lower your desire for anything contrary and increase for all that supports it. In these examples you don’t beat yourself up, you think outside the box. Then you can create something new without having to struggle against what you don’t want.

Your thoughts create your emotions around weight loss and your emotions create your experience there. If your emotions around weight loss are negative, you are going to struggle to control your eating.

You must start doing the opposite, begin to feel instead of the goals you want. Focus on how you will feel when you get them, and the cravings will slowly go away and your habits will be the ones that get you what you want.

Why most people stay unmotivated and how to solve it.

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You must always focus on what you want, not only “I want to lose 50lbs”, but describe the body that you want. “I want to have a lean body with firm skin, and I want that because I will feel good in my favorite clothes, I will look great, and I will feel the freedom to do all the activities I like with my awesome body.” 

This not only describes the end goal, but the benefits, and the emotions that will experience. Those emotions will then change your self-image which I wrote more about it here. It’s all about the end goal and the emotions. What you’re doing now is describing the obstacle “I want to lose 50lbs” that only brings negative emotions, and this causes struggle, having to use self-control, falling off the wagon, binge eating, and all the problems you want to avoid.

Here’s an exercise to help you apply this:

1. Grab a piece of paper, and describe what you want (again it must be a positive end goal, no obstacles)

(Very important, if you’re starting or you have had many failures in the past, don’t start very high on your goals. Start with something like I will eat healthy for one day and rest the second. Build up step by step so you create a current of momentum, otherwise, it will not work and it will frustrate you).

2. Write in the present tense, as if it’s now, how it is physically. what benefits it will bring you? What experiences will you have if you get it? how all of that will make you feel? clarify all the feelings associated with it. When you write in the present tense the mind imagines. When the mind imagines, the mind feels, and when the mind feels your character changes to match that. You can begin to feel self-control for food as pleasurable when you do this.

3. Read it every morning and night. this is the time where the critical mind is off, so you will feel what you’re reading much more.

4. write down 10 times, a statement of how you want your body to look in the present tense. This will engrain this new self-image into your mind, and you will start to live, see and feel like it.

This is a lifetime practice because you’re always changing. So you must rather set a direction for where you want to change. By doing this you’re conditioning your subconscious mind in a direction. You build habits of thought that will later dictate your decisions and actions to a direction of your choice, this is taking control of your life and your emotions. But it only takes one statement felt in the present moment, to start to see cravings weakening, and then everyone will think you’re very disciplined.


Self-control is not what it seems, it always depends on the outcome of that desire for self-control. But you can influence that desire by making it more appealing and making it more available in your mind. For that you can do the technique I gave you, and start with goals you know you can accomplish, this will evolve you until you can handle it all.

Let me know in the comments below what you think, and come back and write down you’re results I would love to hear that!

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