how to get motivated to lose weight (and maintain it)

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Why in some moments is so easy to make progress, in others you can’t get motivated to lose weight? In moments of motivation progress happens fast, motivation goes through the roof, you get excited for where are you going to be, but after a while, it fades away and you lose your progress…

Fortunately, motivation is something that you can create at will. You need to know what is, and what influences it. That’s what we will see.

What motivation really is.

Motivation is a state of mind. Like every state of mind, motivation depends on your focus. In moments of motivation, your attention is on the goals you’ve set, and that makes it absent of any other contradictory thought. Which means you’re not thinking about limitations, obstacles or timeframes. 

But you’re not dragging your experiences into the moment, you’re not letting the past decide how much motivation to lose weight you have, which blocks of most people.

Motivation, at the most fundamental level, is a mechanism you have to help you achieve whatever image you’re thinking about. Depending on how important is that thing for you the more focus you’ll have. It all depends on how many reasons you accomplish that, and the benefits that it will bring you. 

How motivation helps us lose weight.

The best of all is that the better our goals feel, the better the activities that get us there will feel. The better you will feel during the workouts, healthy choices, and that will make you stick to it and stay motivated to lose weight. 

The feelings we have attached to our goals, get attached to the actions to get there. So if our minds is right, it will be easy to accomplish the goals we’ve set. 
The mind’s beliefs and habits after some time they adopt the self-image that supports how you see yourself. This makes the choices easier, over time until they become automatic. Our thought become like those of a healthy person, this is how you achieve lasting weight loss.

So doesn’t matter if you think you don’t believe you can lose weight, eat healthily, or even want to exercise, the only thing that matter is how you’re focusing in things, if you focus upon your aim and what you can do, in a little time those thoughts will replace the current ones, if you don’t you keep recreating the same thoughts, the same emotions, lack of weight loss motivation… 

Why you lose motivation.

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We lose Motivation to lose weight whenever our focus and our thoughts go into things contradictory to your goal.

For example thinking, “I’m 150lbs, I want to get to 100lbs, I have to lose 50lbs,” what you’ve done in the past “I’ve tried lots of times and I didn’t achieve it,” what you believe of yourself “I could never stick to things,”. Here, I wrote many of the thoughts and habits that hijack motivation, and cause binge eating.

These thoughts move your awareness from the goal to limitations, negative emotions come and they go to the activities. We feel those emotions toward the workouts, healthy choices, etc… It makes us disempowered, so we don’t want to do them. See how your thoughts influence taste and appetite here.

This becomes the habit of most people who want to lose weight but can’t. Their focus is against the goals they have so they lose all motivation to exercise and lose weight.

It isn’t so much about what you do, then it is of your emotional state, whatever you do results from your emotional state, and that comes from your habitual thoughts (focus, imagination, words…) That is the key to understand how to get motivated to lose weight.

How to change your habitual thoughts

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Your habitual thoughts can be ones of excitement to move toward your goals, or of demotivation because you’re not the way you want to be.

If you focus on your goals, you can feel good about going to get them, or bad because you’re comparing how you are in relationship to that.

The key is to imagine, get off yourself, focus on creating the emotions you will have if you had achieved your goals in the present moment. When you take your focus off yourself into a goal, you create different emotions, those different emotions change your decisions, they will change how you feel about exercising, about making healthy food choices, they will make you not want to overeat, they will change your emotions on all the things to do as it relates to the goal so you move toward them consistently. That’s the key to stay motivated to lose weight

Do this consistently, do it when you’re not feeling bad. After waking up, and before you go to sleep.

Because as we said your thoughts create emotional states, when you’re sleepy, you don’t analyze or judge, and when you don’t analyze or judge, you don’t create negative emotions about what you want. So the messages can enter your mind and create change. 

Start easy, choose goals you’re sure you can accomplish. Have a large exciting vision but short-term goals you know you can accomplish. This creates momentum and your efforts become twice more effective each time. It frees yourself from frustration.

Key rules to make this work.

Key things to keep in mind, to create motivation for weight loss.

  1. You must never try to feel your goals or imagine them if you feel bad. Because it will cause you to find 100s of thoughts to make you feel bad about it. It will condition you more to the same results.
  2. You must be aware if focusing on what you want makes you feel bad, that means you’re more conscious of that you don’t have it, which makes you feel negative. Cut the goals by half, you’ll build momentum to do more easily.
  3. You must never force this process to work, let what happens. When we don’t engage in limitations, next time we will not feel bad about it, so they will go away. The mind needs two attempts to get used to the idea. Recognize how you’re feeling, and accept it, you will always react to things the same way you did previously. The emotions will be cleared when you accept, you are the one who creates them by resisting them (‘ve written more extensively on how here).

That’s why it’s always better to do it when you’re about to sleep, when have just woke up or if you’re feeling good. 


It only takes one suggestion accepted for all of your characters to change in the direction you want. Make this a lifetime practice. Start now, dominate it and get all the motivation you need to accomplish all of your weight loss goals.

Write down what you think, do this resonated with you? and let me know how it is working for you, I would love to hear it!

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