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Are you trying to lose weight with a diet, but you feel it’s impossible because of the urges? Are you going well throughout the day only to lose all control at night?

Today you will learn why night binges happen. Also how you can prevent those uncontrollable cravings from happening.

The main reason food urges get so strong for you at night is because of your attitude toward weight loss. Which is causing you very disordered eating. Which develops habits like over-restricting foods and very low-calorie intake throughout the day.

Restricting your eating too much causes it to gain a bigger emotional value. Emotions control every behavior you do or don’t do. Emotions drive, your impulses, and they’re intensity.

So if you’re over-restricting, the only thing that you’re doing is to create more powerful urges at night. Your body is a system, and systems have their rules(see in key concepts). One of the most important rules to lose weight is that systems have a goal. Your body wants to keep in according to the goal unconsciously set in the before. It uses comfort or discomfort to move you. Another rule is that any radical change will backfire. Backfire comes in exact proportion to the difference between now and later.

If you want to change your body, health, and habits, you must change your self-image. That way is possible to change how you feel about what you need to do. How you feel about your body weight and health. For this, you need to trigger thoughts and feelings about how you want to be every day. And you will condition your brain to become who you want to be.

But changing a little bit of your calorie intake will not cause you to change much. What you need is to change your patterns of thinking and feeling, that is your self-image and your goal set. If you only put more knowledge or action to change, your self-image may still be the same. The patterns that caused your actions may still be there. The same self-image will keep producing the same results you want to change.

How to change yourself and how you feel about losing weight.

How you feel about losing weight will determine how you feel about the activities you do. And how much you can do being well.

You change this with affirmations in the present tense visualization, writing on a journal what you want to have, tweaking environment and baby steps in flow.

Subconscious conditioning:Affirmations, visualization, and environment tweaking

You may ask, do these techniques work? Because human behavior is controlled by emotion. Words and mental images carry meanings, and meanings carry emotion. Not only that, but they also control how we feel about losing weight and what impulses do we have. These techniques are for creating whatever feeling you want. The mind doesn’t know the difference between real or imagined it feels whatever you picture. These techniques work because by directing your words and mental pictures that create feelings that will get associated with activities related to the goal pictured.

For example, losing weight, or dieting, or going to the gym isn’t hard… You may not agree with this. But isn’t the feeling or experience which made of feelings what’s hard? If you felt at ease, would it feel hard? No, because you feel at ease which contradicts hard. Haven’t you sometimes felt in the flow in your diet or in exercising, maybe the first gym day? What if it’s possible to always feel like that? You can enjoy what you need to do without struggling if you understand how it happened.

What happened is that when you went to the gym, your thoughts and expectations before getting there where positive. Those thoughts moved to the concept of losing weight, and it felt good. Then when you get to workout or diet those thoughts came to mind, and because they’re positive, they made you feel good, and you wanted to do it.That is a mechanism the body has to help you achieve goals.

After a while, you stopped doing that, and then you absorbed what’s around you by default. We pick our attitude toward things from our environment. Most times the environment isn’t really encouraging. that’s why environment is one of the most important things for your health.

You started to feel everything as difficult. Those emotions transmitted to the workout and diet. The positive emotions got changes for negative ones and you began to feel the struggle while doing them and quit.

Environment tweaking

Our subconscious mind is absorbing everything around us 24/7. It gets influenced by the environment. Depending on what’s around us things become easier and automatic or difficult.

The technique is to surround yourself with images of what you want your health to be. Put healthy food on your home, healthy quotes, words, and pictures. Hang out with healthy people, go to places where there’s a healthy vibe. Avoid unhealthy environments. Do not worry if you feel unsettled in around healthy environments or people. That means the information is conflicting with what you had previously stored. There’re 2 possibilities after that, you either leave or the body fat, and unhealthy habits will. Your mindset will make a change to match the outside, and then this mindset will change your body by changing your actions. It’s like pouring clean water on a dirty water cup.

<img src=”cleanwaterpouringtonaglassinnature.jpg” alt=“clean water pouring on a glass in nature”>

Baby steps in the flow

To prevent backfire, you must make changes within the flow zone (see the book flow, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi). there must be a change, but it must not be big enough to produce anxiety. If it produces high levels of anxiety and discomfort, it will backfire at night as cravings.

<img src=”flowchartmilahlycsikszentmihalyi.jpg” alt=“flow chart milahly csikszentmihalyi”>

You must make a flow zone change. Then when you get used to it, and you do it without thinking, then find another flow zone change. Level up step by step, walk each step of the stair, don’t jump 5 steps at once or you may fall.

The tweaking of your environment and the subconscious conditioning must also be in flow to work. When you imagine yourself how you’d like to be, do as much as you can, if you can do it only for 2 minutes, let it be that way. The next day, you will want to do more. Let the desire for your intention pull you to do more, it will increase how much effort you’re capable to do in the flow.

By doing these small changes,  you will change your self-image and your body.

How your self-image screws your weight loss progress.

<img src=”catlookingatamirrorseeingalionselfimage.jpg” alt=“cat looking 
at a mirror seeing a lion self-image”>

Your self-image is the point of view relative to who you’ve been in the before. It controls the ideas you get, what you do and how you feel about it, and your overall perception of it.

When you want to lose weight from the wrong self-image, you will do it wrong most of the time. And you may say how come others than lose weight? The reason is that they either got help from someone who has done it (like you’re getting now) or they change their self-image. Even though they were still overweight, they had already another self-image. Because they were not focusing on what they got now but on what they wanted to achieve. This can happen in many other ways than what I described here. Like emotional events that got them to a point that enough is enough. They got focused on their goals, and they had faith in themselves or the process. The fact is whenever you focus on what you want, your self-image changes, you think from the standpoint of who you want to be, and it will direct you to success.

Instead, when you try to lose weight from the opposite self-image, you act on desperation. Being impatient in learning about what you’re doing. And not focusing on your emotions instead of believing you can force the change. It isn’t possible to do that because we get how what we feel; we perceive and act according to emotions.

If you force change, you create negative emotions that will stop you from taking action later. It also will make you do the wrong things, that will keep the goal away from you.

Whenever you make a change without changing the self-image or point of view of yourself, the bigger the difference. The bigger it will backfire to you after. That’s why someone may eat 500 cal throughout the day and end up in a +2k calorie binge at night.

But that’s why also there are people who instantly change their diet. Most of the time they had a traumatic experience with their weight and caused their self-image to shift radically because they didn’t permit themselves to be the way they didn’t want. Which already means they’re from another self-image.

Therefore, they could tolerate radical lifestyle changes because there were radical self-image changes.

For example, in my experience, I once was a little overweight, almost 160lbs on a 5.6-foot body. Then one day I got stretch marks on my left biceps, in both love handles, and in the upper calves. I was ashamed of my body (that was the difference between my self-image, my image of who I am and how my life must be and reality). One day I gave up all junk food and sugar and started to eat only healthy and only 2000 calories. An intelligent amount that didn’t backfire, how come I know that? My self-image became patient and helped me tap into resources to do that. Today 6 years after I’m about 10% body fat. I have marked veins on where I have the stretch marks which have hidded so much. Those few stretch marks now they varely appreciate but they’re for me an emblem of success today. What most call, “bad luck” can become the biggest “good luck” ever by just changing who you believe you are.

So if you want to lose weight, change your self-image. Then your actions will be different and sustainable.

Let your thoughts just be

<img src=”comicsandwitchthoughtsandemotions.jpg” alt=“comic sandwitch thoughts and emotions”>

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Also, one of the major challenges people face is that they get mad at thoughts of food, they try to suppress them. They want them to go away. That is what resistance is. And whatever you resist you add emotion to it, and that makes them keep coming back. To change your thoughts just draw a line between you and then.

Your automatic thoughts come as a result of your mind processing the environment as it relates to you. It’s an automatic process that serves you. The problem is that you often lose yourself in that process, and you base yourself off of that.

There will be automatic thoughts coming up. These thoughts have no effect on your emotions and in your being. it’s the conscious thoughts you create. It’s like speaking with your mouth it’s a conscious act of will. That causes all the emotional pain that leads to binging at night.

If you observe your thoughts, your mind will settle its engagement in the thoughts and you will see them lose their power. Because you are not engaged in them if you’re looking at them. Then, After 10-20 minutes, you see that the thoughts have lost all they’re power. You may even see yourself suddenly thinking about another thing.

As long as you focus on what you want, keeping anxiety dieting or restricting away. But stay in the flow and slowly make the change. And accept and observe thoughts, your urges will get weaker. The better you do these tips, the more they will get weak. You can even change everything in one day, but if you don’t, it’s also OK. Because your efforts every day will compound, like a lever. The first day you will lift with the energy of 50 kg. But after 30 days you will lift with the power of 300, 400, 500 kg. It all depends on you being relaxed and applying these techniques being relaxed.

The best way change is to not crave for outcomes. But seek to do the needed habits to get there. You must focus on making these techniques a habit. And you’ll get there, you need to not care anymore.

Wishing to be somewhere else, instead of being in the moment, causes unhappiness. You don’t need to crave to get there. Your results come in averages depending on your habits, your habitual thoughts and emotions create your habits, which will then become your results. As you focus on directing your mindset toward what you want, you will habitually do well, and you will have the feeling of already being there.

That’s how you stop binging at night.

I hope you found this helpful and let me know if you have any comments and suggestions, I would also love to know about your short term and long-term progress using these techniques, so I can know more about you and change them to help the biggest number of people possible.

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