How can you like healthy food?

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We spend most of our struggles to fight against ourselves because of the food cravings, impulses and desires we have. Your habits come because of emotions. All those emotions are telling how things are relative to what you have in your mind, which is more often the past.

What you felt in the past, is dictating what you’re feeling now. The feelings cause all impulses and desires. The difference between healthy eating habits and undesired ones is what feeling is on board at the root.

Bad habits come from living in the past.

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Be living in the past

If you live by default depending on what you did in the past, it determines what feels good or bad. But you do not have to live by the past, it dominates us because it’s what is usually in our minds, but you can put in your mind whatever you want.

If you change that point of reference that is dictating how things feel, you can tweak your preferences to achieve your goals in a more easy way.

How to change your food habits by changing your mind

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You can do this by changing from where your mind compares or associating things from. For example, if you want to eat healthy it’s hard because your mind thinks it has been eating other unhealthy stuff often. This is what a food craving is, a discomfort followed by a sense of deprivation. So the mind feels better doing the habitual, and it makes that choice feel bad to you. Or if you want to exercise, your mind compares that action with not doing it, so it links bad feelings to it because of the contrast, then you don’t want to do it and prefer to stay inactive. Those things are difficult because the comparison has a big contrast to it.

Instead, think about the goals you want, role models that inspire you, and watch people like you want to be like often. This will wipe out all the unhealthy evaluations. In a short time, you’ll feel uncomfortable if you don’t make that healthy choice or keep exercising because your mind is making healthy comparisons.

Do you need to fight bad eating habits?

A key nuance you need to get is that you must not put your resources to fight against old eating behaviors. We said that what you have in mind determines what you feel and do if you try to fight old habits you keep putting them in your mind. It also creates a tremendous amount of unhappiness, because you constantly notice what is an obstacle to have what you want. It reinforces those habits.

All habits and emotions come from the past as we said. You can, instead of going over the old mental patterns, go around them. Change the mental content that is creating all the emotions and you will change your habits in a more effective way. If you have a food cravings it is rooted in your attention. Where you’re focusing on habitually it can either motivate you and make things easy or demotivate you and make things hard. That’s what is happening, you want to do something but you can’t.

Approach your health this way instead of struggling against yourself, self-acceptance is primordial. Don’t give a second of your attention to the habits you want to change, put your time where it will benefit you instead.


We can change our habits and tastes by understanding their origins. Then you can improve your habits by changing the mental content that your mind is using to create your emotions. By putting better content more in harmony with your intention. You don’t have to resent where you are, you can change your desires and food cravings however you want, and they will put you wherever you want.

Let me know what do you think in the comments below, and let me know how well this works out for you!

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