Changing eating habits is difficult until you fix this.

Whatever we feel at any moment will determine what we do. Feeling bad about ourselves because of unhealthy eating habits is killing our desire to do anything.

We usually worry about what we do, we regret, we feel guilt… But we shouldn’t at all, why? Because each moment is new. Whatever happened before doesn’t exist now, only in your mind if you remember it. Changing your eating habits is feeling difficult because you dwell on failed attempts, and it makes you feel very negative. And because you feel negative everything you do after that is difficult.

You move toward what you think

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Past results happened because of what we focused on, If we want something new, we need to change our focus.

I work this way, whatever we remember will be what we become. And whatever we think as we have an emotion and mix it with it, we remember it more. And as you go about doing things, for example making healthy choices or going to the gym you will live them depending on the emotion behind them. If you think “I don’t like my body”, “I have failed before”, you will feel bad, and as you try to make different choices they will feel bad, you will not want to do them.

But if you realize that you’re responsible for your thoughts, because they’re perspective about things, but not things, then you can change them. Instead of changing out of desperation, you can build a vision, change the things you focus on, and feel better.

Try to do it now before reading further…

There’s one last important thing…

If it didn’t work is because you’re holding on to what you did, it’s self-judgment, lack of self-love and gratitude, see more here. If you forgave yourself, loved yourself, and feel grateful for life especially the small things you’ll have no problem shifting your focus. Life would feel too beautiful to waste time regretting, the beauty of everything would distract you. The same way guilt distracts you now but instead of guilt gratitude, which is empowering. From that place changing your eating habits become easy.

So make a practice of looking at things that make you feel good and appreciate them. Put a timer on your phone, 4 times a day, and do it for 1 minute or as much as you would like. 

The better you feel about things, the less you will live in the mind, and the more able you will be to create a new future.

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