6 tasty substitutes that will stop food cravings

Let’s face it, food cravings may be the only reason people don’t lose weight. If you could have whatever eating habits you want, you wouldn’t need to read this, you’re here because you want to stop food cravings.

If you’re like me you go all-in on your goals, but when you slip off, you can’t stand it. In the most extreme cases, you may get judgemental of yourself, which is very detrimental to your future attempts.

You have enough willpower, but it’s misused, and it’s draining. With these foods, you will reduce cravings thus the need for willpower. And with those reserves, you will be actually more able to accomplish your end goal.

Let’s check them out.

What foods can curb cravings?

First, let’s check out the theory behind cravings. Food cravings come because of peaks and crashes in blood glucose levels caused by eating refined carbohydrates. They spike our energy and deplete it quickly after the peak, leaving us very weak, affecting our self-control and, leaving us stressed, agitated, and craving more. Low gi carbs have by high fiber, rich in nutrients and natural fat sometimes. This makes their digestion slower, which is what makes them craving killers. High Gi, instead, are poor in nutritional value and only refined carbs, and they get absorbed quicker spiking your insulin.

Consuming more low glycemic index carbohydrates, more protein, and natural unsaturated fats will cause fewer cravings and agitation.

Best substitutes that stop food cravings.

Dates and natural sugar substitutes like monk fruits sugar, stevia, and coconut sugar.

<img src=”dates-on-a-plate.jpg” alt=“datesonaplate”>
Image by Enotovyj from Pixabay

Dates are one of the most sugars with the lowest GI. They’re rich in fiber potassium and iron, which can supply the energy you need in a more lasting way as opposed to refined sugars that spike your glucose, but then they leave you in deficit, causing cravings. Dates are a very hybrid and delicious food to replace sugar with and have many benefits.

Stevia, coconut sugar, and monk fruit are very effective, to satisfy the desire for sweets. Use them in sweets you love and it will satisfy all your sweet needs. Added sugar compose most of the things your consuming that are spiking your glucose levels. Changing your sugars will have a powerful effect to stop food cravings.

Make sure you choose easy to make sweets in case you have an urgency to stop the craving.

Avocado, olive oil, and any plant-based unsaturated fats

<img src=”many-natural-fat-foods.jpg” alt=“manynaturalfatfoods”>
Healthy vegan fat food sources, omega3, omega6 ingredients – almond, pecan, hazelnuts, walnuts, olive oil, chia seeds, avocado, coconut, dark green background copy space

These are very satiating foods. We can apply them to any dish. By being fat they don’t have a glycemic index, but can go into other carb dishes or before or after a dish, making your digestion and insulin release slower and they have many benefits that promote a lean body easier. This further avoids your glucose of getting to where you get cravings later.

In case you’re unsure that your meal may have a high gi, you can add unsaturated fats to lower the glycemic index. You can also apply it to any dish you make with the foods I’m giving you.

Dark chocolate or powdered cocoa. Guilty pleasures made fat burning.

<img src=”dark-chocolate-close-up.jpg” alt=“darkchocolatecloseup”>
Image by Alexander Stein from Pixabay

Dark chocolate is a very common choice by people who beat their sugar cravings. It’s composed of natural fats, which we talked about before, and it has a hormonal effect. It affects the hunger hormone ghrelin, which increases satiety, and it makes your body release serotonin, the happiness hormone.

What’s better is that you can use it in any dish. I recommend you to pick one that has stevia instead of sugar, if not pick one with 85% cocoa. There’s a little chance you will not like it too much at first, but trust me you will get used to it and love it. You can also dilute it with some milk, or any of the natural sweeteners we saw before.

Proteins, the most satiating food group.

<img src=”breath-protein-rich-eggs-and-cherry-tomatoes.jpg” alt=“breathproteinricheggsandcherrytomatoes”>
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Proteins are another food group along with the fact that barely affects glucose release because glucose is mainly on carbs. Experiments have shown it to be more satiating than fat, is the most satiating of all food groups. It’s also addable to any meal you’re eating, causing to lower the overall glucose levels of the dish.

Substitute all your floors for ground oats, nuts, spelled, and semolina and forget about carb food cravings.

<img src=”whole-grain-foods-low-medium-glucemic-index-foods.jpg” alt=“wholegrainfoodslowmediumglucemicindexfoods”>
Top view of wholegrain and cereal composition shot on rustic wooden table. This type of food is rich of fiber and is ideal for dieting. The composition includes wholegrain sliced bread, various kinds of wholegrain pasta, wholegrain crackers, grissini, oat flakes, brown rice, spelt and flax seeds. Predominant color is brown. DSRL studio photo taken with Canon EOS 5D Mk II and Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM

These are the best low glycemic index high fiber carbs. Because of that, they help you feel satisfied quickly, and they can stop food cravings from appearing by avoiding glucose spikes.

There’s a tremendous amount of dishes you can make with them so you can satisfy your sweet tooth without it making you a slave.

Lemonade, coffee, and tea, top beverages against cravings

<img src=”lemonade-on-cup-around-green-lemons.jpg” alt=“lemonadeoncuparoundgreenlemons”>
Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

Lemon is a very effective beverages to lower your glucose levels. You can drink them with any meal, and as soon as you drink them you’re lowering the glucose of any meal you’re eating or have finished. Tea and coffee also to a lesser degree than lemon, those drinks don’t affect glucose but don’t directly lower it unlike lemon, but they can be amazing substitutes. But it’s preferable to not drink tea with meals because it can absorb nutrients from the food you’re eating.

Use any of the sugars I told you with tea or lemon and give yourself a delicious sweet drink without tradeoffs.

What’s even more important.

Cravings are nothing but physiological arousal. You crave because you’re tense, that makes you feel compelled to grab food, if you wouldn’t you would not do it. Besides all that I told you, you need to habituate your body to stay quieter with less stress. All the foods I gave you will help because of what I said about glucose levels. But beginning to focus on relaxing and distressing yourself is also useful. Do habitual deep breathing and other activities that relax you, and you have a holistic solution to this problem. Read some of my blog posts on mindset and food.


Sugar cravings have a solution, and it’s not about sacrificing the pleasure you’re seeking. With these delicious foods, you get the entire package; you feel quieter, with fewer cravings, and you get the flavor only with easier satisfaction. Pick the meals you like most and just substitute all sugar, carbs, and fats for what I told you here and you’ll have much fewer cravings if any.

I hope this helps you, and it changes your life because it changed mine!

Let me know what do you think in the comments below, and let me know how well this works out for you!

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