10 easy motivation hacks to get (and keep) your dream body

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The question is this, how to stay motivated to lose weight? Sticking to a weight-loss sometimes can seem impossible, people either can’t start or can’t continue.

It’s all because of the mind. Whatever we do, we related to our past and the image of ourselves. Here we will see some weight loss motivation hacks to make achieving your goals easier.

Can you stick to weight loss and love it?

The bigger the change we make, the more we create tension. Imagine you want to lift 100lbs, but you’ve only lifted 20lbs, it will be very difficult and risky, the bigger the difference the bigger the difficulty and risk. But If you get comfortable with 20 and increase gradually, it will be easier and with no risk. Same for losing weight.

By going about it gradually you expand your self-image in the process. You will also enjoy it, enjoying the process is possible when you don’t overstress yourself in it.

Fortunately, with this knowledge, you can change your self-image and get there. The gradual approach if more effective than a sudden approach, and you will actually stay motivated to lose weight. Let’s see 10 tips to do so.

1. Start with where you want to go

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Before doing anything, you need to know where you want to go. Crystal clear aim. Because along the journey many things will happen, and your mind interprets something about everything. The way your mind interprets every event will take you, move you forward or backward. If you’re conscious of what you want, the interpretations will be ones that support your aim instead of random ones.

2. Tap into your deepest desire behind weight loss

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There are 2 levels to our minds, one is a conscious (logical) and the other is subconscious (emotional). The difference between them in our lives is huge everything we buy, do or say, etc… We have a logical reason we say we do it, but an underlying emotional reason we do it. We seek an emotion that we feel is the lack of. You may say I want to look good on my clothes, but what you often seek is impressing people, to find love, appreciation…

We seek these things because we expect to feel that way when we get there. If we don’t find these emotions in the end, we drop that desire and stop supporting it.

So, what if you don’t know your deepest desires? Ask why many times. Why do you want to lose weight? Why you do what you do through your life? What makes you buy the thing you buy and not others? Is it status, friendship, adventure, freedom…? You will see a pattern when you find around 20 things. This is your gem for motivation, everybody you know that stays motivated, is because they have theirs.

Then apply it to your goal and make affirmations and pictures about that outcome, see them every day to reinforce your motivation.

3. Take inventory of where you are in relationship to your goal

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It’s crucial before you do anything, to take an honest inventory of where you are now in relationship to your goals and what you will need to get them.

There’s no other way to know where to start, or what can you tolerate. You need to go gradually, the more you deviate from your habits the harder everything becomes. You can’t get there unless you make many small attainable habits automatic over time, here I talk more about that.

Here’s a crazy fact, many people fail over and over to lose weight because they’re so in denial and reactive to taking an honest inventory of where they are, that they start too big then they can’t stay motivated to lose weight. Their lives are out of control because they’re running on compulsiveness, reactions, and self-judgment.

You can drop more than half of your self-judgments, by seeing where you are now and not making changes too far from where you are now.

Only make changes you can stick to after they become automatic then go further.

4. Get data and build a solid plan with daily steps and weekly tracking.

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After you finish all points above, you need to make a plan with that information.

You know where you want to go, where you are, now find how much time will take to get there. Find how much the average person takes to lose any amount of weight you want, also 1lb, and what how much the exercises you will burn. Then determine how much time it will take to finish, with that data you can know when you will hit your goal.

Write a plan with daily actions to get to your goals. Then you need to divide the amount of effort by 8 and start there. You will start your plan by doing 20% or even 10% of what it requires. You will increase the effort by 10% in the first week then 5% over 10 every week, for example, 1st 10%, 2nd 15%, 3rd 25%, 4th 40%… If some week you feel a lot of tension, spend 2 weeks at that level until it feels normal.

Finish by spreading all of those percentages throughout your calendar. It would take more, but it will be enjoyable and easy to stick to it. The important thing is knowing that it can happen and when, only with that, you will get and stay motivated to lose weight.

You will feel already have the goal now, and what you want most is the feeling remember.

5. Focus on preventing the motivation from emptying

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When you do all of this, you will feel very motivated, and you will want to do everything now. DON’T. This is another trap from your self-image because it doesn’t feel good about himself is desperate to escape, you reinforce your previous self-image through this effort. Every time you go into tension motivation is going down, go there more than you should, and next week you will be out of the game. No wonder why there’s so much failure in weight loss, people burn themselves up from the get-go…

Stick to your diluted plan, your focus should be in preventing the motivation from going empty by going to your limits very aware and very little time. How do you improve them? Very easy by getting comfortable where you are now first, and then by spending 20% of your efforts on the edge. Let’s say you are running, your limit maybe 20 minutes with 4 intensity, so spend only 20% of your time going more mins or more intensity, all this mindfully and listening to your body.

What if you want to go 30 min and 6 intensity to get your goals faster? do 20% of the edge and next week do 30 min 4 intensity maybe and go up like that. Week by week.

If you feel very motivated to resist the urge to go up, stick to your plan. If you hold on to this feeling that motivation will manifest in the long term instead of coming out now and depleting itself. Do you see now how to stay motivated all the way through your weight loss journey?

Remember, listen to your body and you will never be out of motivation!

6. Concentrate on the body you desire

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Find a clear picture of the body you want to have and concentrate on it every day for at least 5 minutes. this is a game-changer. We have an image of ourselves, as we lived from our experiences our mind constructs an image based on what we believe we are. This image also goes for our relationship with every area of our lives, including health and body. The default of the mind is to see ourselves as what happened before, thus acting from there and getting the same results.

But we can also change this image through concentration. This is how we learn everything, we see something many times until we forget everything we knew and get what we were learning inside of our minds. This is like pouring clean water on an empty cup.

When you concentrate on this image for that much time, you’re rewriting what your mind thinks when it thinks about a body. Soon you see that body in you when you think about yourself. Then all of your behaviors, desires, and impulses will support that image. Through putting our objective top of mind, motivation to lose weight will come, there’s no right or wrong, frequency and repetition are the only keys here.

Why do we fail? Because we felt bad about what we have to do, why? Because our image of ourselves isn’t one action, we are taking. We don’t feel like we are losing something if we stop, which is what should be happening. For someone to want to take action and not taking it, there must negative feelings, and for that, there must be an image of the opposite thing present.

This study found a fivefold increase in results by using imagery, the group who used the technique lost 9lbs and 1.69 inches around the waist on average in only 6 months and continued to lose weight. The group who didn’t lose only 1.63lbs.

While you do this, you may feel negative sensations, this is a good sign, it means your mind doesn’t believe it, keep concentrating, you overcome that by replying to the mind with more concentration. Focus on relaxing your breath, muscle tension, and keeping the spine erect. This signals we are calm, which eliminates all blocks. When you can see the image and not feel negative, it’s already working for you.

7. Meditate on good feelings

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Every time you feel motivated, with high expectations, or you feel accomplished, take a little time to close your eyes and focus on those feelings. Focus on the sensations throughout your body and enjoy them.

By doing this, you will reinforce those emotions, and they will reinforce your desire to do every step. After a little time you will get momentum, so the better it gets, the better it gets.

8. Uncover emotional obstacles

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Emotional obstacles are the thing that robs your motivation and attention. If there’s a moment where you get negative feelings, notice them. Because we’re changing is normal that negative responses come up. These negative responses are because of the comparison between the self you aspire to be and the self you were. It’s an inner voice, which represents this past self.

Sometimes this voice will say it’s too difficult, or it will make you feel unworthy or judgemental. The only thing you have to do is notice it, and sense where the sensations are. This dissipates the negative emotions. When we have emotions, their existence depends on us doing something about them, reacting to them. If we don’t respond this way, they fade like fire on a candle.

Focus on relaxing your breath, muscle tension, and keeping the spine erect. These 3 points are the only points where our emotions can express themselves through us. By relaxing these points signals that we are calm, which eliminates all blocks, and as blocks go away our intentions come up in our awareness and increase motivation.

9. Surround yourself with health

Image by Lubos Houska from Pixabay

Our self-image is part of the larger environment, the people, and messages around us create this identity. What you see and hear your mind will then seek and act upon.

To take control of this, keep your home filled with healthy food, images of health, photos of your goals, and even affirmations or quotes.

The triggers around you in the street can also influence your desires and tastes. Even though you can cancel other things around you on the streets, what you can do is aware instead of letting yourself be run by them. Notice your body and breath as I said before and you will diminish their power over you.

10. Feed your mind with health

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The information you consume is another important factor that makes how we act. So reading books, watching videos, or listening to people who have achieved our goals is also a transformational tool. Read every day, just to keep the idea in your mind, find tips and tricks to apply in your life.

Like uncovering blocks, this process can also bring unpleasant emotions, because the mind sees the contrast between you and the desired image and causes resistance. Don’t worry about it, just don’t take yourself too far to the edge as with exercising a bit each day and your self-image will match that, then you’ll see no conflict because you will be it and feel it. Be aware of those sensations and keep your back straight and quiet, your muscles relaxed, and your breath naturally.

See yourself as a healthy person and act like one, when you can see yourself reading about health and listening to people without getting triggered you will be one in mind and action, and soon in actuality.

(BONUS) If you slip, it doesn’t matter.

The mind does things according to how it thinks and thinks according to what remembers. Whatever idea, action, or image gets remembered the most is the one that manifests. So failure is not something to dwell on, that reinforces the same thing, and takes energy away from our goals.

Your thinking can distort reality by bringing past mistakes and fears at this moment, even though they don’t exist now. People end up going in the wrong direction because of these thoughts and feelings. You know what you want; the problem is that you feel you can’t get it, which is thought about in the past. If you just let your mind alone all those thoughts will be forgotten and your goals will prevail because you have to desire something for it to be in mind, you only remember those unhealthy thoughts because of self-judgment.

So every time you fail, notice it, say to yourself, I see thoughts about this failure; they say X, and move on. Concentrate on your aim, it’s the loudest voice in the room, the one that wins.


Weight loss is very mental because is a very emotional process. We give our body its importance because it is an avenue from which we present ourselves to the world. Is because of these emotions that so much failure happens in weight loss. But the people who don’t succeed do so because they have many triggers around it, triggers prevent their minds to be focused on it, thus there’s no way they can get it. People want it, but if the thing you want is obstructed by negative emotions that you let them run you like a puppet, then you will not go for it.

Just by fixing your attitude toward your goals through exposing yourself to them often and managing your body, you will adopt the idea as truth. It will become something that you do automatically.

It may help you to take some time to internalize this information and to apply it. If this feels overwhelming to you, it’s ok, come back and read it a few times until you no longer feel overwhelmed. Then apply each point until you don’t feel overwhelmed anymore, then it will be second nature.

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