End frustration, achieve lasting weight loss.

Let me guide you out of binge eating day by day.


Who am I? And why would you listen to me?

I am a healthy eater since 6 years ago, but I once wasn’t .I have experienced how it is to not look good and be unhealthy. I have lived the pain of trying to hide parts of my body wearing long or baggy clothes. I have also have experienced how it is to have bad habits that you just cannot control. 

That’s why I have created kick food cravings. To teach people how they can stop unhealthy habits like binge eating, emotional eating, not following through on your health goals, and instead to be able to flow towards your weight and health goals, and making it last.

Some things that will help you

Kick Food Cravings Community

A group of likeminded people with the same goals, to master they’re habits without restriction or forcing change, stop gaining back the weight lost, be motivated and thrilled about weight loss and life and regain they’re mental health.

Interactive FB group with me included where you can ask a question everyday and get helpful downloadables plus exclusive weekly content.

More great things coming soon


Online courses

Courses coming very soon to help you stop binge eating, control your behavior easily and get the body you want.

Group membership

Group to stop binge eating and lose weight, with unlimited questions answered by me and with guidelines to follow for it to work.

One on one coaching

One on one coaching coming soon.